Some Irish Conversions

Denis Grimshaw


Whilst these models are not built to fine-scale standards, and certainly not to a professional level, they do reasonably represent the classes modelled. In any case, using 00-gauge track at in 4mm scale gives much larger discrepancies than slightly inaccurate driving wheel diameters or axle spacing. The WT-class 2-6-4Ts Nos. 4 and 57 are Hornby Stanier locos, modified with Comet tank and cab sides, the bunker rebuilt in plasticard, outside steam pipes and a top feed. Painting is in post-war NCC style, rather than UTA (albeit incorrect for 57: I must get round to renumbering this engine to the 1-10 series). The VS 4-4-0 is a Hornby Schools, with a new brass sheet cab and other modifications in plasticard. The GNR SG3 0-6-0 is a Mainline LMS Class 4 with a new brass sheet cab and firebox, and other alterations (particularly the tender) in plasticard. It needs a new dome with a rounder top. The GSR B1a 4-6-0 is a Mainline Royal Scot, with modifications in plasticard, and repositioning the dome. All are hand-painted – some better than others! As my main interest is in operation rather than precise modelling, they give an adequate effect at relatively minimal effort! Whilst most of my models are NCC (with a layout based on Coleraine and Portrush) some poetic license has allowed other railway’s trains to occasionally visit! Scenery will hopefully be improved once I retire and have a bit more time at home.

GSR B1a Macha

GSR B1a 'Macha'

GNR(I) VS class No. 210

GNR(I) VS class No. 210



NCC Jeep

NCC Jeep


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  1. Mike Jenner-Jones

    I remember atempting the GSR B1a with a Hornby Royal Scot I had lying around. I am also gonna attempt an N Scale version of preserved No. 800 Queen Maeve, using a Graham Farish Jubilee (the BR Late Green type.

    The NCC Y Class 0-6-0T is easy to do, just by using a Jinty model, repainting it and adding the NCC lettering and number plates (be it 18 or 19) and that’s that. I thought I’d choose an easy one.

    The DSER K2 Class 2-6-0 would have to be Hornby’s James the Red Engine from the Thomas the Tank Engine range, only without the face and a different tender shell (more challenges to do, really, but still a fun project).

    As for the B1a I mentioned earlier, I am gonna do that and also recreate an Irish steam preservation scene that coulod have been.

    In addition, I was inspired by my mother and grandfather who both come from Ireland, and after research of Irish steam locomotives, to create a classic children’s series entitled Engines of the Emerald Isle. It’s in the tradition of Ivor the Engine and other 1950s children’s programmes.

    Still, if I’m trying to recreate Irish steam in both scales, then my all-time fave Irish locomotive is definitely the GSR B1a!

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